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Werewolf By Night First Reactions and reviews A Marvel Special Series

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Here are some reactions and First Reviews From the screening of the Werewolf By Night 

"Werewolf by Night is awesome.

It’s a self-contained, complete story with strong beginning, middle, & end arcs, awesome shots in homage to classic horror films, and interesting characters. It’s violent, fun, scary, immersive, and intriguing throughout. Loved it."

- BD

"Marvel took a big swing with #WerewolfByNight and they knocked it out of the park. I love how the campy horror vibes blended with the Marvel style! Gael Garcia B is the perfect actor to play Jack Russell and Man Thing will become a fan favourite! Giacchino didn't disappoint. "


The first #WerewolfByNight reactions have arrived with critics calling the #MCU horror special "super violent," "morbid," and the "best thing on Disney+."

"WEREWOLF BY NIGHT is the confident swing in tone from Marvel on Disney+ that I’ve been waiting for.
Genuinely scary at times and dripping with macabre camp, it doesn’t pull punches in violent delights.
Michael Giacchino pulled off something truly special.
More of this please!"
- Erik Voss

'#WerewolfByNight is a wholly unique MCU tale—a refreshing palette cleanser, even with its flaws.
While Man-Thing and Elsa Bloodstone both shine, the Werewolf doesn’t look great and needed more scenes.
Also, many relevant lore questions could’ve used further exploration. "
- Russ Milheim

'Marvel’s #WerewolfByNight is a spooky & moody monster tale w/ beautiful photography & big throwback vibes. Director Michael Giacchino does a great job blending the look & feel of classic horror from the ‘30s & ‘40s w/ amusing MCU touches. Ted is MVP, imo. Fun & different"
- Erik Davis

"My #WerewolfByNight thoughts: Marvel's new MCU monsters and leads are awesome, as is Michael Giacchino's direction & music as well! The supporting characters are not on the same level, but Werewolf By Night is still a thrilling Halloween special they should keep doing more of."
- Rob Keyes

"I’m excited for more Marvel Studios Special Presentations because #WerewolfByNight had me howling at the moon with its horrifying visuals & gripping story. M Giacchino promises to scare you & give you something fresh and bold."
- Shahbaz, TMP

"#WerewolfByNight is the MCU Halloween treat I was hoping for! A delightful ode to the classic monster movies with MCU-level stuntwork, production design & effects. LOVED the dynamic between Gael García Bernal & Laura Donnelly's characters and .. oh my, does Harriet Sansom Harris make the most of an especially delicious role.

A score AND directing win for Giacchino. Set design, creature effects, fight choreography, and B&W gore are all stellar and he & cinematographer Zoë White know JUST how to photograph them."
- Perri Nemiroff

"I’ve seen Marvel’s #WerewolfByNight. It’s retro slick & a lot of fun! Definitely a different direction for the MCU with some cool new surprises. I’ll share my review and interviews with director Michael Giacchino (yes, composer Michael Giacchino!) and star, Laura Donnelly, soon! "
- Victor Lucas

"WerewolfByNight feels like an instant classic and immediately rewatchable. The fact that the entire production was as practical as possible - from the set, to the costumes, etc made this feel realer than any thing we’ve seen in the MCU. "
- Jim Viscardi

Loved #WerewolfByNight. Giacchino knocked it out of the park with his Marve lStudios directorial debut and hope he's directing again soon. Surprised by how much he got away with and am so happy it's unlike anything else Marvel has done. On DisneyPlus Oct 7
- Colliderforsty

"I love Werewolf By Night! The throwback black and white classic horror approach works perfectly for the story and feels so unique within the MCU. It’s an exciting example of how they can push boundaries. The cast are great and I hope to see more of them and of this type of thing."
- Eric Goldman, Fandom

"The Marvel Disney+ shows have been a bit all over the map quality wise, but Werewolf By Night is easily the best thing they’ve done. Yes even better than Moon Knight (which you all know I loved). Werewolf By Night feels like an instant classic and immediately rewatchable. The fact that the entire production was as practical as possible - from the set, to the costumes, etc made this feel realer than any thing we’ve seen in the MCU. The fact that casual Marvel fans are going to love Man Thing is a bit mindblowing but I can’t wait. Last thing I’ll say about Werewolf By Night is how surprisingly violent it is with its action scenes. Something I think a lot of fans have been waiting for."
- James Viscardi

"Monster hunters with rad weapons, awesome creatures, crazy black and white gore, Werewolf by Night is a love letter to old school monster movies in a tight hour long package."
- Germain Lussier

"Werewolf by Night is the Marvel Studios Monster Mash you've been waiting for! Great Universal Classic Monsters vibes, and surprisingly A LOT of violence for a Marvel title. Michael Giacchino kills it, but Gael García Bernal is a star. FANTASTIC use of Man-Thing."
- Rafael Motamayor

"#WerewolfByNight is a classic Hollywood monster movie you won’t want to end. SPOOKY and STRIKING, it’s one of the coolest things EVER to come out of the MCU. Gael Garcia B is thrilling to watch suppress the beast within. More Jack Russell! What can’t Giacchino do at this point? "
- Daniel Baptista

"#WerewolfByNight is the most idiosyncratic MCU project since GOTG. As good? No. But it’s a remarkable breath of fresh air to see Marvel try something like this, as its tone and style are VERY MUCH that of the trailer.

More like this, please. Comics are weird. Let’s be weird. 🐺 "
- Erik Italiano

"#WerewolfByNight is deliciously twisted & a fantastic tribute to classic Monster movies. Giacchino killed it! 

Super violent, with a morbid sense of humor and plenty of heart. Gael García Bernal & Laura Donnelly are welcome additions to the MCU. Man-Thing steals the show! "
- Rohan Patel

"Got the opportunity to catch #WerewolfByNight a bit early and this honestly may be my favorite Phase Four MCU project yet. It's brutal, it's chilling, it's effectively tongue-in-cheek, it's Marvel's first real dive into horror and is done so well. "
- Grant Hermanns

Above were some Reviews after a special screening of marvels new special series Werewolf by Night Releasing on 
October 7 only on Disney+ and Disney+Hotstar. 

Source : TG- Marvel addicted

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