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Airtel to launch 5G services in Aug, cover every town by 2024: MD and CEO Gopal Vittal

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Airtel To launch 5G in India Very Soon

Bharti Airtel managing director and CEO Gopal Vittal on Tuesday said the telecom operator will start rolling out 5G services in August and cover all towns and key rural areas of India by March 2024.

“We intend to launch 5G starting August and extend to a Pan India roll out very soon. By March 2024 we believe we will be able to cover every town and key rural areas as well with 5G," Vittal said.

He also said that the price of mobile services in the country is very low and needs to go up.

During the company's earning call, Vittal said that a detailed network rollout plans for 5,000 towns in the country are completely in place. "This will be one of the biggest rollouts in our history," he added.

Airtel acquired 19,867.8 MHz in 5G spectrum auction 

In the recently-concluded 5G spectrum auction, Bharti Airtel has acquired 19,867.8 MHz frequencies by securing a pan-India footprint of 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz bands and select purchase of radiowaves in the low and mid-band spectrum for a total consideration of 43,040 crore.

Vittal said the telco's capital expenditure will remain around the existing levels and played down the need for buying premium spectrum in the 700 megahertz band, which requires less number of mobile towers for coverage compared to other bands that telecom operators currently have.

"Our competition does not have such a large mid-band spectrum. Do remember that if we did not have this large chunk of precious mid-band spectrum we would have had no choice but to buy expensive 700 Mhz spectrum".

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